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A/R Based Financing

If you’re a business owner, chances are you’ve been in the situation where people owe money to your company. Don’t let this stress keep you up at night — there’s an easy and effective solution for that! Accounts receivable financing can help get cash quickly by selling off purchase orders or overdue invoices so they don’t hold back operations while waiting on payments. Factor rates are low with ARF, which is great news too because collecting debts from customers takes time away from other important tasks: like growing your business even more!

Max Amount Advanced

$10K – $10 Million





Under 16%



As Little As 1 Day

How It Works

How to get your company started and approved for A/R Factoring:



Send invoices paid Net15, Net30, Net90 terms and have customers with a positive history of paying invoices and have reputable customers.


Time in business

No minimum time in business required as long as you have invoices we can get you paid on them within 24 hours.


Information for creditworthiness

You must know the legal name, addresses, and phone numbers of all clients to access creditworthiness.

Who Qualifies For A/R Financing?

A/R Factoring is a loan option for any business with outstanding invoices. A lender doesn’t look at your revenue or profitability, but instead wants to make sure the invoice makes sense for them financially in order to lend money against it as collateral. The maximum amount you can qualify for depends on how much and what quality of accounts receivable are available — which could be just about anything!

Documents You Need

Before applying for any type of loan, be sure that you have all necessary documents available. This will allow your application process to go much more smoothly and quickly.

Bank Statements:

We want to see your successful business in action, so provide us with 6 months of bank statements for a better picture. If you can send more than six months, that may be helpful as well.


Balance Sheet:

This statement provides an overall financial snapshot of your small business. As the equation, it looks like: Assets = Liabilities + Equity.

A/R Aging Report:

In this case, we will need to see the aging of your account receivables. An Accounts Receivable Aging report is a simple report listing all of the money your company is or will be owed for services rendered. This will show us what we will be paying you.

This way if you default on a payment in three months time, it is easy for us to figure out what needs to be paid off first and work backwards from there.


Profit and Loss Statement:

A Profit and Loss Statement is a measure of how well your company has performed in the past year. It lists every revenue made, as well as any expenses that were incurred over this time period.


Driver’s License and Voided Check:

We ask for these to make sure your information is correct on all documents.

List of your clients businesses names and their corporate address. This way we can make sure they have a good history of paying their service providers. This protects you from clients that haven’t paid their invoices in the past!


Other Documents:

These may include business licenses, Articles of Incorporation, commercial leases, or franchise agreements.

Let’s Get You Funded

We help your business grow and can even secure start up funding.

What do you qualify for?

Getting the right business loan is a lot easier than you think. We help you identify exactly what you qualify for and what program is going to be the best fit to suite your specific needs. See what you qualify for today completely risk free!
**Secure E-Sign Application - Applying won't impact your credit score.

Must have a Business Bank Account for most programs

Both location and operation of Business must be in the United States of America or Canada

Must not have an open bankruptcy

No default history with lenders within the last year